Welcome to Nature’s Inn Dryden RV Park on beautiful Wabigoon Lake!
Open May 1 to October 15 – Weather Permitting

Fee Schedule (including HST Required on all Rentals)
Our Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly: 2 People, 1 RV, and 1 Vehicle*

Length of Stay Lakeside Lakeview Treeside
1 Day $46.00/night $44.00/night $43.00/night
1 Week (7 nights) $40.00/night $38.00/night $36.00/night
1 Month (30 nights) $34.00/night $33.00/night $32.00/night
2 Months (60 nights) $33.00/night $32.00/night $31.00/night
3 Months (90 nights) $32.00/night $31.00/night $30.00/night
4 Months $31.00/night $30.00/night $29.00/night
5 Months $30.00/night $29.00/night $28.00/night
Pull-through sites $52.00/night $52.00/ night
Pull-through sites (7 nights) $47.00/night ($329.00/week) $47.00/night ($329.00/week)
Pull-through sites (30 nights) $46.00/night ($1380.00/month) $46.00/night ($1380.00/month)
All Tent Sites $30.00/night $30.00/night $30.00/night

*All listed rates are based upon one RV or one Tent site with one Vehicle and two people.
All rates include Ontario HST of 13% required on ALL lot rentals no matter the length of the stay.  The Ontario HST of 13% must be charged on all sales – whether paid by credit/debit card or cash.  Only credit card payments are subject to the Square Processing Fee of 2.65%.

Registration, Charges and Payments

  • Registration: Upon arriving at the Park, please check in at the Office, approve your site location with the Managers, complete the Registration Form, and pay your non-refundable fees in full.  Once completed, you may park at your site assigned by the Managers.
  • Payments: Payments are to be made by Cash, Debit/Credit Card, or E-Transfer to dryden@naturesinn.ca
  • Charges: An additional charge of $5.00 per night (plus HST and any applicable processing fee) applies to every additional vehicle, tent, trailer, and person over the age of six years old.

Deposits and Refunds

  • Deposits: RV Park Management usually does not require a booking deposit, however, reserves the right to ask for a non-refundable minimum 50% deposit to be made when applicable at the time of booking and to be paid via e-transfer to dryden@naturesinn.ca
  • Refunds: No refunds will be given after daily/weekly/monthly bookings have been paid in full on the first night
    Your unit, site, and booking time have been reserved specifically for you and others have been turned away to accommodate your request.

RV Park Hours

  • RV Park hours: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, seven days a week
    • All campers must be registered/paid and parked by 9:00 pm for the comfort and quiet of all RV Park customers.
    • Please note:  If you are later than between 8:30 and 9:00 pm, you may not be admitted to the RV Park that night

Daily/Weekly/Monthly RV Rates Include:

  • One RV site and one vehicle of any length per site: (as assigned by management)
  • Water: must be boiled if used for drinking as it is drawn from the lake and non-potable
  • Sewer hook-up: individual RV sewer hook-up at your site which goes to a septic field
  • Shower/washroom facilities:
    • Washroom facilities are very limited at the site
    • Each men’s and women’s bathroom ONLY includes one toilet, one sink and one very small shower
    • As the washroom facilities at the site are limited, we ask you please use your RV facilities unless there is an emergency
  • 30 Amp hydropower
  • Cable and Internet: cable is available only for weekly to monthly rates
  • Additional tents, vehicles, boat trailers, etc.: MUST be parked in an approved area by the management
  • Guests:
    • all guests are subject to the Terms and Conditions/Rules and Regulations of the RV Park and of the City of Dryden.  Please familiarize yourself with these as posted on-site, listed on our website, given to you, and listed below
  • Monthly RV stays over 30 days:
    • Must be paid in full on the first night to get the discounted rate
    • Any nights booked over the 5 months will be charged at the 5-month daily rate

Boat Docking

  • Please note that the RV Park no longer has public boat docking available.  However, the City of Dryden boat launch and public dock is adjacent to the park and available for your use




  • Guests of the RV Park will adhere to all Rules and Regulations of the Park
  • Guests will park their RV according to marked sites assigned by the Management
  • In being good neighbours – RVs and vehicles will not infringe on other sites – whether occupied or not

Rights of Management

  • Management reserves the right to refuse occupancy to anyone and has the right to ask anyone to leave the park at any time for reasons including but not limited to any of the following:  failure to adhere to the park rules and regulations; interference with the other customers’ right to enjoyment of the park; and excessive or unreasonable noise, nuisance or anti-social behaviour
  • Management also reserves the right to call law enforcement back-up for any serious issues that may threaten them and/or the RV Park or its contents and may adversely impact the other customers’ right to enjoyment of the Park

Pets and Courtesy

  • We are a pet-friendly RV Park
  • All pets in the RV Park must be under the owners’ control and on a leash at all times
  • Owners must pick up their pets’ feces immediately and put it in their own RV trash before disposing of it in the larger garbage bin
  • The RV Park Management reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the RV Park whose pet is constantly disturbing or endangering other guests or other pets, or anyone who does not have control of their pet or does not pick up after their pet

Release of Liability

  • The RV Park or any of its owners, directors, heirs, employees, agents, or assigns is not responsible for any guests and any lost, stolen, or damaged property of any guests including but not limited to all RVs, campers, boats, boat trailers, vehicles, and pets.  All items left on-site at any time are left at your own risk.
  • There is no direct swimming access from the RV Park to Wabigoon Lake
  • There is no lifeguard on duty at Wabigoon Lake and swimming is not permitted from any docks or other structures located in the RV Park and/or along the shoreline in the RV Park area.  Any lake swimming accessed from the RV Park is entirely at your own assumed risk.
  • Any children and pets must be accompanied by an adult while at or in the lake area.  There is no access allowed on the dock areas at any time.

Noise and Speed

  • Please be respectful of your fellow guests at the RV Park
    • No noise after 10:00 pm
    • Please follow the 10 km/hour speed limit when entering and exiting the RV Park


  • While pandemic restrictions have been lifted, if you contract COVID-19 during your stay at the RV Park, please, as a courtesy to other customers, observe social distancing, masking, and extra hand washing and hand sanitizing precautions until your symptoms resolve
  • If COVID-19 protocols are re-instated, we ask that you observe any applicable federal/provincial/regional guidelines as well as the protocols set out by Management